How to start with bootstrap, the best key points
How to start with bootstrap, the best key points

Welcome back to this article on "how to start with Bootstrap, the best key points".
Remember that, it will be hard to learn something new if you don't have good guidance from various sources.

I found it helpful to provide guidance that can help you in your journey of learning Bootstrap framework.

Here are some key points that will guide you when you need to learn the Bootstrap framework.
  • Make sure, you have a good foundation on HTML, CSS and javascript / jQuery, because the Bootstrap Framework is based on these languages, some web developers or tutors prefer to talk about HTML and CSS only.
Note that, not having a good base on Javascript / Jquery and at the same time you want to learn Bootstrap framework, then there's a component such as Breadcrumb, tabs, etc. which rely on javascript / jquery you will not be able to use it and this can result in creating a poor user interface.

  • Choose a good source that teaches the Bootstrap framework, there are many online sources, that provide training about Bootstrap framework such as Lynda, Udemy, etc. If you can afford it it will be a benefit to you as you can be closer to the Bootstrap instructor for anything that troubles you. Also if you are not financially viable there are free online tutorials on various websites such as youtube and freecodecamp, w3school and getbootstrap for Bootstrap documentation.
But keep in mind, learning on your own without being close to a teacher can have many challenges, but you can use a google search engine and stack overflow to ask whenever you have one.

  • Try to write down all the important points you have learned and everything you think you will forget.
  • Try developing a simple web site using Bootstrap and make sure it is responsive and has a good user interface, through this method you will get more experience.
  • Prefer to check Bootstrap sample code on open source websites such as Bootsnipp, Bootstrapious, Bootdey, and Codepen

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