why understanding html, css and JavaScript is not enough to make you the best front end developer?
why understanding html, css and JavaScript is not enough to make you the best front end developer?

Welcome back to this article that says "why understanding HTML, CSS and JavaScript is not enough to make you the best front-end developer?


Front-end developer is the one who can turn a website's design into a web page, in other words, one can make web design run in a browser with the help of languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

When it comes time to think and decide what might help in learning to become a front-end developer, It's always been a good idea to start learning HTML, CSS and later moving to the JavaScript language, and this is caused by the way in which HTML and CSS are not sufficient to accomplish some tasks.



HTML is used in the writing and editing of the content you want in a neat order such as starting with the message heading, then the message itself and much more while CSS is used for styling the content in an HTML document, for example, it can change the background of that content, positioning and hiding the content and many other functions that involve the overall decoration of the content.


JavaScript used to add additional functionality to the website and is the lightweight language that can make a web page fetch data without reloading, other functions such as hiding and showing the content of the menu, creating modal boxes and slider.

There are many more tasks than I mentioned in each language and it's hard to finish them all at this moment, so I'll talk about the important things that every front end developer. should be aware of.


No, be aware that as you serve the client on a regular basis you will need to be up-to-date and consistent with time at work. If you are a front-end developer skilled in these languages ​​you will still have trouble with the question of time, for example, you cannot develop your client website from the scratch for a whole month and at the same time, there are content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla with the most beautiful theme ever made and it takes a little time to do customization and if you encounter any shortcomings in those themes, then you can apply your HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT skills. So what gets more attention is how you work at faster speeds.

Time is the main reason for the existence of a content management system (CMS), libraries, plugins and several frameworks, and these can help you be faster in your productivity. But as you learn you can start with libraries, then plugins and later various frameworks related to front-end development, here I list some of the most important things to learn after mastering HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.


JavaScript library is a pre-written javascript that enables you to develop JavaScript-based web application more quickly, there are several JavaScript libraries such as Jquery, Backbone.js, polymer.js and react.js but when you are starting to learn, it's best to start with Jquery as it is the easiest and most widely used library in developing a website with various WordPress themes, and not only that, when you want to read it there are many online resources you can use to learn.

It will be more interesting if you are able to learn react.js since it is needed in the big companies in the world right now, it has great popularity without forgetting its learning curve and good documentation.


The CSS Framework is a collection of rules that help and guide the front-end developer to develop a responsive(mobile-first site) user interface quickly, also have some basic components and utilities that can be found in any basic websites. A good framework to start with is Bootstrap and this is the most popular framework in the world in terms of frontend development you can easily read since there are many online resources that provide various instructions about this framework, some of the other CSS frameworks such as Foundation by ZURB, Material Design, Semantic UI, Material Ui and UIKit.


Content management system(CMS) is a software application that helps in creating and managing web contents, lately, CMS has become an alternative to a whole process of web development and management of its content, many developers have been creating customizable website themes with many kinds of features and attractiveness and the main focus is to simplify the work of developing a new website from the scratch.
It is good to learn at least one CMS to be able to do your job effectively, among many existing CMS only WordPress has been used for a large percentage of different websites, has many plugins and theme, compared to other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento and TYPO3, the you can choose WordPress as your starting point. 

When it comes to the matter of setting some of the attractive component on your websites, then you may find yourself spending too much time developing yours, often plugins may not be missing out on the task of a front-end developer machine, for example, you may spend longer to build a slider in your web site if you can't use the existing plugin. so learn about them.

However, it is always important to continue learning ​​and understanding all of everything I showed you in order and focus.

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